"As a successful and experienced business woman, I am excited to represent moms, and all parents, who are raising kids in Prescott. I am the only Woman running for City Council this year."
Jessica Hall

Jessica Hall is a lifelong resident of Arizona. When she was in elementary school, her family moved to Prescott area and made their home there. After she graduated Arizona State University with her bachelor’s degree in accounting, followed by her master’s of Business Administration, both from the W.P. Carey School of Business, she moved back to the Prescott area as soon as possible. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

Shortly after her oldest son was born, Jessica and her husband Jeff Hall, whom she met and married a few years after graduating from ASU, were presented with an opportunity to invest in the Prescott community. While she was expecting their second son, they purchased the Prescott Golf and Country Club and started building their home in the same community, where they would run their business and raise their family. They owned the course until Fall 2017. In her time of ownership, she managed and ran all the accounting functions, in addition to Human Resources, insurance, and many other business administrative functions, in addition to managing marketing, memberships, and overseeing the staff, and the restaurant.

Jessica is a passionate business owner who cares about the Prescott community. With her expertise in Real Estate rehabilitation, Jeff and Jessica have taken many properties, especially in the City of Prescott, and remodeled them to livable conditions to offer housing opportunities for the people of the Prescott area.  

Her most recent business venture is the Prescott Action Center (The PAC), an indoor recreation center featuring a skate park for skateboards and scooters as well as an Indoor Ninja Warrior course. When Jessica and her husband saw that the Sears store within the Gateway Mall was set to close and lay empty, they knew they needed to make an investment to fill the hole left behind and bring entertainment to the community. Those young and young at heart can now enjoy indoor fun, no matter the weather! 

Jessica is currently managing TDH Investments, LLC, founded in 1993, almost 30 years, of real estate investments. While the company has seen different directions and areas of focus over the last 28 years, during the last few years of Jessica’s Financial Management, TDH Investments has more than doubled their investments in Yavapai County. They are firm supporters and investors of the Prescott Area, and believe in the future of this great City!

While Jessica understands that not everything in her business background may translate to the City Council, her expertise in financial accountability certainly will. The City’s Fiscal Accountability is a Council Member’s responsibility to justify the actions and decisions specifically concerning the raising and spending of public monies.  

Jessica also has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Yavapai College. In her time there, she taught Accounting, QuickBooks, Business Ethics, and other courses in the business department of Yavapai College. “Working in the local community college was a very rewarding experience,” Hall notes.

Her experience with government and municipalities includes:

  • Wastewater Improvement District – The District had been formed long before Jessica’s involvement, and was initiated by Yavapai County in reaction to a failed sewer system that the homeowners were still utilizing, even after it was decommissioned, and damaging to the health and safety of the neighborhood and other citizens. After several years of almost nothing happening within the district, no attempts to resolve the problem, and just incurring fees, she decided to get involved. Eventually, Jessica was able to serve her small community, on the Board, as the Clerk and Treasurer. The group worked tirelessly to identify all the issues with the Sewer System, develop a plan for repairs, bid the job to the public, and most importantly, it was paid for. Jessica was proud that her and the group were able to successfully explain this situation, so the property owners in her District were willing and, through budgeting, were able to pay for the necessary improvements so that the district could improve their deficiency, and dissolve the District entirely, which was ultimately done.
  • Jessica interned for US Senator, John McCain, in his office in Phoenix, Arizona. 
  • She volunteered on Rick Renzi’s campaign in 2005.  
  • Jessica has worked closely with the Town of Prescott Valley and have developed excellent relationships with some of their representatives, including Town Council and Planning and Zoning.  

On top of being a successful businesswoman and active community member, Jessica is a mother. Aaron and Rory Hall, her sons, are 10 and 9 years old. They are very talented athletes already, and more importantly, very kind and thoughtful boys. Both sons are very proud to call Prescott home, and Aaron even says he will never leave Prescott, even when he grows up. The Halls are a proud Prescott family.  

She is excited for the opportunity to run for Prescott City Council as the only woman candidate and continue to serve her community! She is excited to represent Moms, and all parents, raising kids in this City now. Jessica Hall is not running for Prescott Council with a specific agenda. She is running as an open-minded and logical member of our community, who is eager to respond to the concerns of her fellow citizens, and to help preserve everything that makes our City, The City of Prescott, the one we love and cherish.