Strategic Growth and Water Plan

Prescott is an amazing place to live, and it is no surprise that more folks want to call it home. We must listen to experts and the members of our community to create a strategic plan that ensures we grow responsibly. I will work with my fellow leaders in areas like job creation and water, to ensure we create a plan which keeps Prescott a unique and special place for generations to come.

Economic Development

As a councilwoman, one of my primary objectives will be the Economic Development in Prescott. I went to school up here, and so many friends didn’t stay or return to Prescott because they were unable to start careers or afford housing. I want to use my Background and Education in Business to help the City create and provide more opportunities for businesses to open or expand in Prescott. Our Economic Development Plan should entice Small Businesses to provide more better-paying jobs and more opportunities for our working families which will, in turn, provide more goods and services for Prescott residents.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a small business owner and CPA with a master’s in business administration, I understand how to create a budget, set goals, and create financial stability. As your councilwoman, I will bring these principles to City Hall. We must pay off our debt while creating an environment and infrastructure for a thriving economy and great quality of life.

Keep Prescott Unique

The future of Prescott and where we are going comes up a lot as I have been speaking to folks. Prescott cannot lose what makes it unique. It is why my family has stayed here for decades. I want to make sure we keep Prescott unique while providing jobs and homes for our children and grandchildren.


My #1 goal as a member of the council is to listen. I think it is critical that our elected officials serve the people and I expect that of myself. I want to be a public servant with an open-door policy. I believe this is what will make sure my priority is accomplished, which is that we need to ensure our community has a strategic plan that keeps Prescott special for generations to come.